John Norman och Philip Holm

Nu har vi kommit till den sista delen av Talangfabriken. Killarna John Norman och Philip Holm.

January 4, 2012 - 8:37 am

Dennis Wernersson - Suttit och tittat igenom din bildserie med talangerna från Djurgården ett tag nu, väldigt snygga allihopa!
Jag ska själv fota några spelare från Växjö Lakers nu på fredag och då funderar jag på att köra med externa
blixtar också. Ska bli intressant att se hur slutresultatet blir från det!

July 27, 2014 - 2:50 am

Jezebel - I hope you make more full use of fair use in some of your services, like Google Book Search, which at this time doesn’t seem to show sptipens from copyrighted books (even though that would be fair).On another note, I wonder how you can explain how republishing a full webpage is considered fair use. After all, that’s what you do with the Google Cache feature. Webmasters can opt-out of it via meta declarations, but copyright never defaults to “non-copyrighted + full use” when no further details are specified by the content owner: it defaults to “copyrighted + fair use”, at least for some years after publication. (Not that I mind the Google Cache; in fact I think laws should be adjusted to allow this kind of use, as we should only look at the actual harm being done to the content owner… which in the case of caching is basically non-existent.)On yet another note, I also hope you introduce “fair use” cases to some of your self-censored content. For instance, at this time you don’t show any satellite imagery at all for Google China Maps ( If you are convinced you must compromise via self-censorship, then why do you fully hide this information from Chinese users… why not display some fair amount of it? Also, when you ban websites like Human Rights Watch ( for Chinese users in China, why do you ban all of the around 48,800 pages on that domain — including new ones being posted to the domain — and not “only” the ones deemed “sensitive” by the Chinese government at one particular point? (It’s not just restricted to China; in Germany for you do the same with some domains, like

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